Global South: A word you can live with. Africa, Latin America, emerging countries in Asia, etc. are applicable, and the United Nations classified 77 countries and China. According to Ann Garland Mahler, Associate Professor of the College of Liberal Arts, University of Virginia, USA, there are three definitions of the Global South. It seems to call itself a political community. The Prime Minister of Japan will deliver a speech in India, which he plans to visit on March 19-21, 2023, and spur the promotion of FOIP. In addition, we plan to expand support for emerging countries, and we are interested in the demand for products and services produced in Japan by foreigners visiting Japan from inbound, and the increasing trend of tourists from all over the world, mainly in Asia. The aim is to influence the consumption of foreign tourists seeking Japanese products and services, which have fallen into a primary slump due to the epidemic.  

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