Passing by the Tomioka City Hall, passing through the Kanbe Clinic, which is a three-story wooden building that looks like a Japanese-style inn, head towards Shimonita on National Route 254. It is dotted with stately buildings such as the former Daikokuya and Sakamoto Clinic. It is said that the temple was founded between 1457 and 1460 in the latter half of the Muromachi period. Sadatoshi Okudaira (Mimasaka no Kami Ryuko) opened the temple and invited a Teiyo holy priest to open the mountain. The long chimney of the Tomioka Silk Mill catches the eye in the middle. As you walk along the chimney, you will come across a fence on the north side of the Tomioka Silk Mill. Established on May 10, 1897, the Joshu Tomioka station building of the Joshin Electric Railway is a reinforced concrete building with no distinctive features, and the toilet installed next to it is designed in the image of an electric locomotive. A pantograph (current collector: rhombus) rides on the roof.

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