Continuing ceaseless efforts to expand vegetable production, cultivate production areas, and establish brands, the prefecture ranks 4th in the country in terms of vegetable production value in 2016, and ranks among the top in the country with the largest greenhouse area in Japan. However, due to climate disasters such as global warming and typhoons, soaring prices of greenhouses and agricultural materials, and the effects of the TPP agreement in principle, the environment surrounding the management of producers is expected to undergo major changes and become increasingly severe. Under these circumstances, we have introduced innovative production technologies, machinery and facilities to further improve yields and quality and reduce costs, as well as weather-resistant greenhouses for stable production. We are aiming to create an aggressive production area, such as working on any maintenance by the entire production area. In addition, in preparation for falling vegetable prices and the occurrence of disasters, we will promote participation in safety nets such as vegetable price stabilization projects and agricultural mutual aid. And increase the security of their own management. Through these efforts, we will be able to provide a stable supply of vegetables into the future and continue to grow as a production area that is trusted by consumers.

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