Iwato Shrine was built in 701 AD. This year marks the year 1322. Kobayashi’s only extant “Iwato shinto music” has inherited the dance for over 300 years (with temporary interruptions). Praying for a huge harvest (of the 5 grains) and giving thanks for the autumn harvest, the participants acted out the mythological gods who prayed for the arrival of the gods, decorated a corner of about 4 meters with leaves and bamboo, and stretched a shimenawa rope. The dance is performed in a gorgeous shrine garden made of sacred shinto tree. The chants and dances that have been handed down from generation to generation are the Kanme of “Ama-no-Iwato-biraki”, which is associated with the enshrined deity “Tajikarao-no-Mikoto”, and expresses it in a funny and ancient way.

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