120km to 150km from Tokyo. Located in the northwestern part of Yamanashi Prefecture, it borders Nagano Prefecture on the north and west sides, and Kofu City, Kai City, Nirasaki City, and Minami-Alps City on the east and south sides. It is surrounded by the Yatsugatake mountain range to the north, the Southern Alps from Mt. Kai-komagatake to the southwest, and the Chichibu mountains such as Mt. Kayagatake and Mt. Mizugaki to the northeast. Tourism with one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Japan, such as majestic mountain scenery, clean and abundant water, idyllic rural and rural scenery, cool highland climate, and a concentration of tourist recreation facilities and stay-type resort facilities. Resort area. The volcanic plateau spreading at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake and Mt. form one big unity. About 80% of the land use is forest area, and the rest consists of agricultural land and village land.

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