The origin of the place name Sosa comes from the history book “Shoku Nihon Kōki” (an imperial history book compiled in the early Heian period, the second Rikkokushi following “Nihon Shoki”. Completed in 797 by Sugawara no Michizane and others. It deals with the history of 95 years from 697 to 791 of Emperor Kanmu, and consists of 40 volumes. According to the basic historical materials of the Nara period, chronologically written in Chinese, it starts from the end of the 5th century.)Towards the beginning of the 6th century, a man named Mononobe no Ogoto, who was a local ruling family in the Kinai region (present-day Kinki region), was granted a part of Shimousa Province by the Imperial Court for his meritorious conquest of the Bando region (present-day Kanto region). County, and a descendant of Kojito reportedly took the name Mononobe Sosa.

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