The fuel, U (92), is a pellet (approximately 10mm in length and 8mm in diameter) that is fired like pottery, and is a small cylinder of uranium that has been fired into a ceramic. The fuel used in nuclear power plants. Is a mixture of approximately 4% fissile uranium 235 and approximately 96% non-fissionable uranium 238). About 360 of these pellets are stuffed into a 4m-long thin tube (fuel rod), and 264 of these are bundled together to form a fuel assembly. The reactor vessel contains 157 fuel assemblies. Dozens to hundreds of bundles, 50 to 80 fuel rods per fuel assembly for BWR, and 200 to 300 rods for PWR. Used for 3 to 4 years in the core. Since the fuel assemblies removed from the reactor vessel contain unburned uranium (actinide) and newly generated plutonium (element with atomic number 94), these useful resources are recovered at the reprocessing plant. Therefore, it will be temporarily stored in the spent fuel pool of the power plant until it is transported to the reprocessing plant.

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