In June 1961, he directly appealed to the U.S. government and Congress for the return of the Mito bombing range (return of the Mito bombing range in 1973). Proceed with garden city planning. He thought that farming villages would collapse if he didn’t create an environment where young people could live, and this is the origin of the “Garden City Concept.” Advocated by Ebenezer Howard (1850-1928), the founder of the Garden City Association in England, “I believe that self-government that is organized creates beautiful character, and self-government that is active creates a new folk style.” Through the revolution of consciousness as their own problem, the farmers themselves discuss how to improve their lives and how the village should be, bring together the funds they have, and if they can come up with a plan, they will request the prefectures and municipalities to implement it concretely, and based on that, they will back them up. It is a democratic way of going. This project was later taken up as a rural environment improvement project.

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