In order to expand the acceptance of foreign workers under the new status of residence, the government announced in 2018 that it is considering “340,000 people in 5 years”. The overall picture was clarified in the “Japan Revitalization Strategy”: a bold monetary policy, flexible fiscal policy, and a growth strategy that stimulates private investment Structural reform to improve productivity by allowing the Abe administration to achieve the feat of achieving six straight victories in the national elections. The biggest political engine that led to the longest period in history. Looking at the economic measures for fiscal 2023, Japan was slower to recover from the corona disaster than Europe and the United States, but in 2022, both infectious diseases and economic activity will progress. However, the real GDP has not fully recovered to the average level of 2019. The real GDP growth rate is expected to continue a moderate recovery of +1% from the previous year. Exports are expected to recover due to the slowdown of overseas economies. Bankruptcies and wage increases are expected to weaken.

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