The former Takabe Village was formed by the merger of Ouchi Village, Umegaya Village, Kashio Village, Oshikirihara Village, Ouchi Shinden, Noshima Village, and Torisaka Village with the implementation of the town and village system on April 1, 1889. In August, 1872, “学制発行ノ儀伺(Basic laws and regulations that stipulated Japan’s first modern school system)” was distributed. The basic law that stipulated Japan’s first modern school system. On July 29, 1874, it was decided that the whole country should be divided into eight university districts, under which junior high school districts and elementary school districts should be established, and that each school district should have one university, one junior high school, and one elementary school. A school called “Teikyo House” was built in the neighborhood. This is the beginning of Takabe Elementary School.

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