Oil King Arabia Taro (1889-1967): Studied at Sapporo Agricultural College (currently Hokkaido University). He lived a life that fully demonstrated his spirit. Before World War II, he started out as a manufacturer of wafers, and although he made a fortune in the trading business and the development of China and Manchuria, he became penniless after losing the war. That man, Taro Yamashita, built a huge fortune in Manchuria, but lost everything in defeat. However, at the age of 69, he founded Arabian Oil Co., Ltd. at the age of 69, fearing that oil, which was the core of post-war reconstruction, was dependent on Western systems. While being ridiculed as an adventurer by the public, he splendidly established the Hinomaru oil field in the Middle East. A forgotten and extraordinary hero who achieved success, downfall, and revival in the rise and fall of modern Japan is still burned into the hearts of the Japanese people and delicious apples.

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