Daibutsu Park in Hirosaki City. This is the place where Ishikawa Castle, one of the castles conquered by Tamenobu Oura, is said to have stood. Ishikawa Castle is also known as Daibutsugahana Castle. It seems that it is derived from the legend that “it resembles the nose of the sleeping Buddha”. Ishikawa Castle was the base of the Nanbu clan in Tsugaru, and Takanobu Nanbu used it as his residence. His Tamenobu, who rose up to unify Tsugaru, seems to have thought of taking down Ishikawa Castle as a first step. 1571 (In the same year, Shingen Takeda of Kai Province launched a full-scale invasion of Mikawa Province and Totomi Province, intensifying the offensive against Oda and Tokugawa. On September 12, he set fire to Enryakuji Temple on Mt. Apparently.)

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