Before the Takaoka Township in Takaoka Town, Miyazaki City was established, Kutsuramyo (located on a hill northeast of the former center of Takaoka Town, and although the remains have been destroyed, there are six large quarter groups such as the inner citadel and the outer citadel). Structure. Also, it seems that it was called “Uchiyama Castle” when it was the 48 castles of Ito of Ito Hyuga. At the end of 1577, when the lord of the castle, Nomura, rebelled against the Ito clan, the Shimazu clan seized control of the area. 1600 Sekigahara After the battle, Yoshihiro, the head of the Shimazu clan, emphasized the defense of the eastern edge of the controlled area. It is thought that it was called by the name of Iida in the sense that it was a place where rice was harvested well. In fact, it is considered to be an important area for Kutsuramyo because it is an area with good rice fields. “Meals” is called “ii”, which means rice.

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