Although the origin of the name of the former Iwai city is not clear, there is a well with clear spring water called ‘Ishii’, and it is said that ancient people lived near this spring. In the Nara period, this place name appeared as an administrative district called Iwai Township. For this reason, it is said that Ishii’s well is the origin of the place name ‘Iwai’. In the Heian period, Taira no Masakado emerged from the Heike clan, and in 935, he built a residence in Ishii, the place where the name of the place originated. In 939, they defeated Hitachi Province, banished the provincial governors of Shimotsuke and Kozuke, and ruled the eight Edo-period provinces of Kanto, proclaiming themselves new emperors. However, in 940, he was attacked by Fujiwara no Hidesato, Taira no Kunika’s son Sadamori (appointed to Hitachi Daijo after his father’s death) and died in battle near Kitayama, Iwai City.

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