A temple of the Jodo sect founded in 1053 by Fujiwara no Narito (987-) and the founder of the Sekian priest. In the era of Abe no Yoriyoshi (a position to lead Ezo as the district governor (under the ritsuryo system) of the 6 districts of Isawa, Esashi, Waga, Hienuki, Shiwa, and Iwate in the central part of Iwate Prefecture), it was the southern limit of Okuroku District. Crossing Kinugawa, which was there, he started to control Iwai County, the territory of ancient provincial government offices, and friction with ancient provincial government offices Tagajo occurred. In 1051, Mutsu no Kami Narito mobilized the army of Akita’s Taira no Shigenari? (Jonosuke Akita) to attack Yoriyoshi. However, Yoriyoshi intercepted this at Onikiribe, Tamatsukuri District (Naruko, Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture) and won a great victory, the Former Nine Years’ War (a war between Ezo and Genji. 1051-1062, 1083-1087) begins.

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