From the end of the 3rd century to the 4th century, the Yamato sovereignty, which was centered on the Kinki region, actively advanced into the provinces and expanded its territories. The chiefs of each region unified by royal authority built large keyhole-shaped burial mounds by demonstrating their own ruling power while maintaining their power. In Kakegawa City, keyhole-shaped burial mounds such as the Kakuwa-Kanatsuka, Hisagozuka, Gyoninzuka, and Yoshioka-Otsuka burial mounds were built on the plateau of the Wadaoka area in the middle basin of the Haranodani River in the 5th century. Maetsubo No. 3, a keyhole-shaped burial mound, was constructed on the mountain top of the Soga area in the downstream area. Around the middle of the 6th century, tunnel tombs began to be built by digging holes in the slopes of mountain valleys. The Higashi Tootoomi region is known as one of the most crowded areas in the prefecture.

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