In March 2014, in order to create a world-class Yatsushiro brand, we formulated the Food Valley Yatsushiro Basic Strategic Concept, which indicated the direction in which the region should work, and worked to realize the Food Valley Yatsushiro. We are working on the project with the cooperation of many stakeholders. In 2021, the impact of the epidemic continued to prolong, affecting the lives of citizens and local economies throughout Japan and in cities. In addition, the surrounding situation has changed significantly, such as the digitalization of society as a whole and the promotion of the SDGs, which are international development goals. While working together with all our strength, we will promote the project with the cooperation of many stakeholders to realize it. First, in “I Food Valley Yatsushiro Local Branding”, we will develop attractive new products that utilize the city’s abundant agricultural, forestry and fishery products, create brands through food and tourism, and improve the recognition of specialty products. By implementing promotions using large-scale events, etc., we worked to create added value using special products and improve recognition of special products. Agricultural product transportation to Taiwan

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