Poet Akiko Yosano (1878-1942) visited the Chiba Prefectural Higher School of Horticulture (now the Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University) in June 1924. 60 tanka is composed of tanka titled 10 species. Alley of Papaver rhoeas: kashu-ruiko (1925-1926) and her husband Hiroshi Yosano (Tekkan) (1873-1935)’s poem one tanka are engraved. He spends his boyhood in exile away from his parent’s home after his father’s business failed. He was adopted by Anyoji Temple (Oriono, Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City) of the Honganji sect of Jodo Shinshu sect in Osaka. There he studied Buddhist scriptures and Chinese classics, but at the age of fifteen he left his foster home and spent more than a year at Anju-in Temple in Kunitomi, Okayama City, relying on his older brother Daien Wada(雲伝神道の相承, 慈雲尊者の相承, 神道灌頂について三種: 私立感化院). After that, Hiroshi embarked on the path to modern tanka. It seems that he first went to Tokyo in August 1892.

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