Jiro persimmon shipments from JA Toyohashi peaked from late October to early November. In 2022, we expect to have a good harvest, and we expect to ship about 230,000 cases (10 kg per case). Toyohashi City is Japan’s number one producer of Jiro persimmon, accounting for about 70% of the Jiro persimmon produced nationwide. Due to moderate rainfall in September this year, the fruit has grown in size, and we expect to be able to harvest many of the popular large-ball persimmons. In addition, there was no impact from the typhoon, and the amount of fruit set was larger than usual, so it seems that a great harvest is expected. In addition to Jiro persimmons, JA Toyohashi persimmons also cultivate varieties such as Wase Nishimura persimmons, Soshu persimmons, Aishuho persimmons, Fuyu persimmons, and Yoho persimmons. The JA Toyohashi Kaki Group has 330 members, a cultivation area of about 21.9 ha, and a shipping period of early September to early December. Jiro persimmons are available from early October to mid-November. The main shipping destinations are the Kanto and Kansai areas, and the shipment volume for FY2021 is about 197,000 cases.

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