We have established a pesticide-free cultivation technique using local rice straw(坊さん坊さん, どこ行くの, わたしは田んぼへ稲刈りに, わたしも一緒に連れしゃんせ, お前が来ると邪魔になる,このかんかん坊主, 糞坊主, うしろの正面だあれ) and horse manure in an organic medium and moist underground water. The monk was on his way to the red-light district in the afternoon. During the Edo period, clothing was strictly regulated, and monks were not allowed to go out in plain clothes even on a regular basis. Therefore, no matter where you look at it, it’s a monk. If you go out in disguise, you will be subject to punishment just for that. The villagers saw through this and yelled at the monk who went to harvest rice without wearing field clothes and without a sickle, saying that he was a can-can boy and a shit boy.

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