Mizuumi Castle, the residence of the Yanada clan, the postmaster of the KOGA shogun (Kanto Ashikaga), and a town that prospered through water transportation. Shigeuji Ashikaga (the 5th Kamakura shogun) came to Koga and became the 1st Koga shogun. Immediately after 1455, the Yanada clan built Sekiyado Castle (now Noda City) as a new base for controlling water traffic. In 1574, Odawara was defeated by the Go-Hojo clan and lost Sekiyado, and Mizuumi Castle (the construction date is unknown and Shimotsuke was a local strongman in Yanada Mikuri, Yanada County (Ise Jingu territory)) was transferred to the Yanada clan. Ancestors; Taira no Yoshihira and Daijo(heike family) Koremochi

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