Unable to deal with infrastructure, not bad money, once there are 6 times, 7 times. Suggests danger to brain fog, lungs (mediastinum). Still equivalent to class 2: mutant virus Omicron. Neo Omicron: Neo Cov discovered as a high-risk corona variant in South Africa: Invades bat lung cells using the ACE2 receptor in human cells. Like SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, it seems to invade human lungs. The new coronavirus and SARS coronavirus are known to invade cells by utilizing the ACE2 receptor in the human body. During this invasion, it seems that the flexible protrusions of the spike protein that make up the coronavirus crown: spherical shape with a diameter of about 100 nm torque and protrusions on the surface. Morphology are bound to the ACE2 receptor. Neo Cov binds to the ACE2 receptor in a different way than the COVID-19 pathogen. Neither antibodies nor protein molecules are effective against this variant, so it seems that Neo Cov could Be particularly dangerous to humankind. Accelerating illness by inciting Cov (parable to further accelerate the progression of epidemic illness) Decline of economy (national interest) (Is it better to abandon the idea of proud Japanese people? Rage) * There is no public hygiene. Man-made dominoes: Man-made disasters (throwing rounds, not protecting the people, not taking responsibility, opportunism) ≒ students, local governments, health centers, medical care (in the limelight), economy, family (relatives, friends) collapse and unlucky state. Effective Reproduction number: Re-recognition of Rt! No fragments of rationality. Class 2 infectious diseases [Law] Acute gray myelitis, tuberculosis, diphtheria, [Severe acute respiratory syndrome (pathogen is coronavirus SARS coronavirus genus) (Limited)], Middle East respiratory syndrome (limited to those whose pathogen is beta coronavirus MERS coronavirus), bird influenza (H5N1, H7N9) * [Severe acute respiratory syndrome (pathogen is coronavirus SARS coronavirus genus) (Limited to)] Class 5 infectious diseases [Law] Infectious diseases (excluding infectious diseases such as bird influenza and new influenza), viral hepatitis (excluding hepatitis E and hepatitis A), cryptosporidium disease, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, Genital chlamydia infection, syphilis, hemp, methicillin-resistant yellow staphylococcal infection [Ministry Ordinance] Amoeba diarrhea, RS virus infection, pharyngeal conjunctival fever, group A hemolytic Lensacytic pharyngitis, carbapenem-resistant enterobacterial bacterial infection, Acute flaccid palsy (excluding acute gray leukomyelitis), infectious gastroenteritis, acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, acute encephalitis (Westnile encephalitis, western horse encephalitis, tick-mediated encephalitis, eastern horse encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, Venezuelan encephalitis and Caused by Rift Valley fever), Chlamydia pneumonia (excluding parrot disease), Kreuzfeld-Jakob disease, fulminant hemolytic Lensa ball infection, bacterial meningitis (menelitis, pneumonia, influenza) (Except when identified as), dialdiosis, invasive influenza infection, invasive domino infection, invasive pneumococcal infection, varicella, genital herpesvirus infection, apex condyloma, congenital wind shin Syndrome, limb disease, infectious erythema, idiopathic epilepsy, disseminated cryptococcosis, tetanus, bancomycin-resistant yellow staphylococcal infection, bancomycin-resistant enterococcal infection, pertussis, wind rash, penicillin-resistant pneumococcal infection, herpangina, Mycoplasma pneumonia, aseptic meningitis, drug-resistant Ashinetobacter infection, drug-resistant purpura infection, epidemic keratoconjunctivitis, epidemic parotid glanditis, gonococcal infection * Infectious diseases such as new influenza, new coronavirus infection (The pathogen is beta coronavirus coronavirus (Chinese in January 2020) Limited to those newly reported by the Republic of China to the World Health Organization that they have the ability to transmit to humans. ). ) Pay that does not touch during the period from the emergency of October to December 2021 to normal times (officials, special civil servants, Article 147, self-employed executive body, as referred to in Article 73 of the Constitution of Japan, Local civil servants in special services to which the Local Civil Service Law does not apply) Like us, if it is privately owned, it will be dismissed or retired. Around 1918-1920, H1N1 subtype: 1918 flu pandemic, Spanish flu Innocent children of the Taisho era, from Anraku Jodo to Anno Scream (In 1936, signed a Japan-Germany Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany, The following year, in 1937, the Roh Mizobashi incident (fired from the Chinese side) triggered the war between Japan and China to 1941 (December) US war ~ 1945 ~) The former Soviet Union (occupies eastern Poland based on the secret protocol of the German-Soviet Anti-Comintern Pact, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania’s Baltic three countries are also forced to occupy, and a war is also launched against Finland) started the war against Japan on August 9, 1945, September 8, 1951 (Spanish flu treaty: Treaty of) Peace with Japan: 1952 Convention No. 5)

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