Captain Yoshitoshi (The 8th head of the Shimizu Tokugawa family; Noble): Japan’s first flight-lieutenant general-Kumazo HINO(熊本: 1878-1946, In the official flight carried out at the Yoyogi Exercise Area in Tokyo on December 19, 1910, he invented the Hino-style pistol, etc. from the operation of the grade-type airplane, and had novel ideas, while also being involved in the development of the piston engine): Henri Farman(巴里: 1874-1958)Aircraft-Boa Simpsher Biplane (Okayama Airport (opened as Okayama Airport on October 13, 1962. With the opening of Shin-Okayama Airport, the previous Okayama Airport will be used as an airfield exclusively for small aircraft, and it will be the current Okayama Airport. On March 11, 1988, it was reborn as an airport that is another public airfield set up and managed by a local public organization, and the parked “WACO airplane” and one pilot are famous): Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park

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