Japanese Lantern Festival in KOGA: Known as a strange festival in the Kanto region. Held on the 1 Saturday of December at the Festival Special Venue in front of the west exit of KOGA Station. A lantern is attached to the tip of a bamboo pole with About 20 young people from a length of 10 to 18 m. At this festival, the priest of Nogi Shrine, which was the territory of the KOGA feudal clan in the Edo period (currently Nogi Town, Shimotsuga District, Tochigi Prefecture), dedicated the Gods halberd. Riding a horse, visiting the subordinate shrine of Shichiga-mura, the shrine’s territory, finishing the “Nanago Tour” and returning to the office at the end of December 3rd, the people who greeted with lanterns to survive the cold It started with rubbing the bodies together, and the name was said to be “homecoming.”

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