Autonomous Career Formation: Insurance Medical Welfare-Low Birth and Super Aging Society, 2025-Social Security System-Late Elderly: Approximately 2.45 million small and medium-sized enterprises and small business owners exceed the average retirement age of 70 years. However, the successors of 1.25 million to 1.27 million have not yet been decided. In general, for small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses, most of the business operations depend on the management ability and motivation of the owners themselves, and half of the undecided successors point out the possibility of going out of business in the black. As a result, a cumulative total of about 6.5 million jobs and about 22 trillion yen of Gross Domestic Product may be lost by 2025. Economic Growth Rate ≒ (Real GDP of this year – Real GDP of last year) ÷ Real GDP of last year × 100.

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