Shuzo AOKI Viscount-First year of Koka (1844) 1.15 Born in Yamaguchi, the son of a clan doctor. He studied at the clan school Meirinkan and practiced medicine in Nagasaki; Entering the ministry. The following year, he became a deputy minister to Germany and then to Germany, where he was a minister / ambassador, deputy foreign minister, and foreign minister of Western countries, and is a diplomat representing the Meiji nation. Strangely, in February of that year, in Saga, the Seikan Party seeking government reform and the Yuikoku Party seeking feudal restoration joined under Shinpei ETO, causing an anti-government rebellion and occupying Saga Castle. In response, the government counterattacked by Lord of Home Affairs Toshimichi Okubo and Takatoshi Iwamura Saga Prefectural Government Ordinance, and settled Saga Castle on March 1. In April, 13 masterminds of Shinpei were sentenced to death.

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