The mini princess cherry tomato is not tall and does not require buds or stanchions. When moderate fertilizer is applied, the leaves of the entire plant open properly and maintain a dark green color. Receives light (γ rays, X rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared rays) and balances the fruits. Plants are CO2 (oxygen, starch) nitrogen to protein. For humans, UVB and cholesterol to C27H44O: Provitamin D3(Cholesta-5, 7-dien-3beta-ol), Previtamin D3((3S, 6Z)-9, 10-Secocholesta-5 (10), 6, 8-trien-3-ol), Vitamin D((3β, 5Z, 7E, 22E)-9, 10-secoergosta-5, 7, 10 (19), 22-tetraen-3-ol) production

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