It belongs to Ebenaceae and is a fruit tree native to East Asia. There are many native varieties in China, Japan and South Korea. Originally developed from plants native to the tropical zone and subtropics, it has weaker cold resistance than apples-TANNIN(Generic term for water-soluble compounds) insolubilization. It is suggested that ingestion increases the genus Bacteroides, suppresses the growth of potentially pathogenic bacteria such as Enterobacteriaceae, and leads to improvement of colitis. We prepared persimmon tannins from HACHIYA persimmon, which is a variety with high bile acid adsorption activity, and investigated its functionality in an experimental system in which type 2 diabetes model mice were fed a high-fat diet. A research report by a Japanese university institution that shows a preventive effect on lipid disorders and diabetes and induces increased expression of uncoupling protein in brown adipose tissue.

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